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Top 3 Things You Must Know Before Building A Granny Flat

May 8, 2012

If you are wanting to avoid the common pitfalls that go with adding a granny flat to your property, then read on to find out the top 3 things you must know before building a granny flat.

Granny flats are an increasingly popular addition to any suburban or country homes, especially if you are looking for extra space. Granny flats are a fully self contained home extension that is built on the same block of land that you own. You can fence off a section of your yard for the additional property or you can just simply share your backyard. Because you are sharing a dwelling with an existing property there are a few things you must consider before launching into building a granny flat.

1. Size of your backyard to accommodate the extra room

First things first, you need to find out whether you can even put a granny flat in your backyard. Unfortunately, when it comes to sourcing information about this, it can be difficult to ascertain the correct information and understand what is actually involved. When building a granny flat, make sure your backyard is actually big enough to fit the unit. Measure up the area, then draw a sketch, measure from all the boundaries – including the fences, pools, house, trees, and mark all the measurements down clearly. What may seem like hard work now, will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to the rest of the logistics and choosing your granny flat design.

2. Council regulations concerning granny flats

Unfortunately council rules and regulations come into play when building a granny flat. There are separate building and planning regulations. In Melbourne, Victoria, all councils actually have different overlays on everyone’s property and it is very important that you make a call to your local council. Ask to speak to both the building and planning department. The difference is that building departments are more about the structure (your granny flat will need to meet all building code and Australian standards) and where you position the flat is why a building permit is required. The planning department on the other hand, is more concerned with overlays, such as heritage, wildfire etc. Because building permits are a requirement for all granny flats Melbourne, the price of this should be included in the finish price of the company who builds your granny flat. Please note that town planning is not required for all extra rooms, so is generally not included in any prices, however the company you use should also be able to offer this as an additional service.

3. Finding a company who knows what they are doing

Okay, so now you know the measurements of your space and you have spoken to your council regarding any regulations, now it is time to hire the company who can start building a granny flat in your backyard. We suggest you look first at the various designs on the market. Matt’s Homes will actually let you design your own granny flat if you can’t quite find the look you are after. Look for simple layouts, the simpler the design the more cost effective it will be. Work through a checklist of design features (supplied by yourself or the company) to make sure you have enough space built into the design and it meets all your  needs. Importantly, at Matt’s Homes we are a one stop shop that will organise and package into the price your building permit, home warranty insurance, plans and specifications as well as the unit and installation. Whilst you may save a bit of money doing these things yourself, the actual time spent on these logistics is best handed over to a company who knows what they are doing.

So there you have it, if you bear in mind these three tips, then the whole process should be relatively easy. If you want a company who builds quality, modern granny flats and can assist you in building a granny flat, from start to finish, visit us at Matt’s Homes, where we have a home for everyone or call now on 1300 62 88 77. We have one, two and three bedroom granny flats and you have the option of designing your own.

Building A Granny Flat? Call Matt’s Homes Now

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  1. Andy W permalink

    G’day i have small granny flat in backyard i need to get rid of,brand new, needs interior finished to be complete,are you interested in buying cheaply and then on selling for a profit?…..Andy W.

    • Andy, have forwarded on your request and will get back to you if keen. In meantime, you can call us on 1300 62 88 77 or visit if you need to get in touch via email.

      • Hi there, spoke to Matt and unfortunately if we bought your granny flat we would have to accept liability for someone elses work, so cannot do this. Have you thought about putting it on ebay? Matt’s Homes

    • Hi there, spoke to Matt and unfortunately if we bought your granny flat we would have to accept liability for someone elses work, so cannot do this. Have you thought about putting it on ebay? Matt’s Homes

  2. serg permalink

    need a granny flat call me

    • Hi Serg, email us your number! Or phone us and we can get your requirements. 1300 62 88 77.

  3. I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to our blogroll.

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