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Turn your timber shed into a garden feature

December 29, 2012

The natural and traditional look and feel of the timber shed means that it blends in well with its surroundings or allows it to stand alone as a feature within the garden. Unfortunately though many people think of timber sheds as an ugly sight and so tend to hide them in the corner or end of gardens or under bushes and trees, where they are more prone to rot and wear down.

At Matt’s Homes we think it is time that the timber shed was given more precedence and encourage our customers to turn their timber shed into a garden feature. Before you do this though, you may want to consider a few of the following tips:

1. Why you need a shed.

Although this may seem like a silly question, it is worth spending some time thinking about why you need a shed. What are all the things you would like to or could put in it? Answering these questions frankly allows you to consider the size and functionality of the design that you go with. Though it may be cheaper upfront to get a smaller timber shed, it is better to buy a larger one than to have to replace it later.

2. Where should you put it?

Now that you know why you need a shed, it is time to spend some time in your garden or outdoor area thinking about where you think it should go. You may be wanting to use your timber shed for gardening. The avid gardener will most likely want their shed close to them so they have their tools handy and workspace for pottering. If you are using it purely for storage reasons, perhaps having your shed a little further from the house makes sense.

3. Turning your timber shed into a garden feature.

Some people like to place their timber shed right in the middle of their garden as a focal point. If this interests you, then you may want to consider adding a few extra design features to make your timber shed truly stand out, such as a sliding aluminium lockable window. You could always upgrade to a workshop shed, which is a bigger version of the timber shed and allows you to fit double doors and even add a verandah to sit out on after a hard day’s work. Consider too creating a pathway to your shed with rocks and pebbles and wiring electricity so you can work later hours. The classic look of the timber shed immediately makes it a feature, however where you position it and what you choose to add on can make all the difference.

4. Securing your shed.

The more precious the items you store in your shed, the more you should think about your security options. A good lock to secure your shed will leave you feeling stress free when you go to bed at night or work during the day. Making sure all windows are secured tight and any really expensive tools are stored elsewhere is also vital so that thieves cannot get in. Home and contents insurance may not cover your items stored in your timber shed, so it is best to check this before you lock anything up. Keeping your shed away from overhanging trees is also a good idea to avoid mildew and rotting.

 5. Making sure your ground is level.

Before you choose your timber shed, make sure that the ground you are going to put it on is level. If it isn’t you may require a sub floor which will elevate it so that the timber shed can be placed on it neatly, making sure all doors and windows close properly. If you are unsure you can always speak to one of the friendly staff at Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs.


If you’re looking for classically designed, Australian made timber sheds that are built to last, along with having the added bonus of offering competitive prices, then visit Matt’s Homes or call today on 1300 62 88 77. Our timber sheds come standard with skylights, steel frame door, colorbond roofing and more.

Space Saver Timber Shed from Matt's Homes

Space Saver Timber Shed from Matt’s Homes

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