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Why you need a registered builder to install Granny Flats

July 6, 2013

Granny Flats are a super smart option if you are looking to downsize or get extra space for family members or storage. There are a few important things to know however before you install a granny flat in your backyard, to ensure that you follow the correct rules and regulations associated with the building commission and your local council in your state. Read on to find out why you need a registered builder to install Granny Flats.

A Granny Flat is a name that is used for a Dependant Persons Unit (DPU). A DPU is a building that is built on your property (this is not the main dwelling) for a person that is dependent on the person living in the main dwelling. The granny flat unit can consist of a full kitchen, full bathroom, laundry, living room and a couple of bedrooms. They are basically a new home but are classified as a DPU on your building permit, the only issue with this is that once the dependant person finishes using the unit, it then needs to be removed. This will come up when you go to sell your property, however you might be able to reclassify the use of the unit by removing the laundry and cooking facilities, but you will need to check with your council.

Importantly, Granny Flats are not something you can just organise on your own or with any company. You need to make sure that the company you use is a registered builder or otherwise you may cop a fine. Recently, a media release by the Building Commission revealed that one building practitioner was fined over $20,000 at his suburban property, because he did not have the relevant insurance, or even a building permit or registration. Before you sign any agreements and organise a company to install your granny flat, you must check that they are registered with the Building Practitioners Board as a domestic builder and the relevant insurance is in place. This is particularly relevant for any renovation or building works over $5,000. This example highlights the importance of making sure any work performed around your home is carried out by a registered building practitioner. You can always check this via the Building Commission website.

The good news is that Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs are registered builders and this means that you will get quality guaranteed work, with a 6 1/2 year warranty on all works carried out. We also work with a trusted building surveyor regarding all the technical provisions that apply.

Building A Granny Flat? Call Matt's Homes Now

Building A Granny Flat? Call Matt’s Homes Now

For more information about granny flats and teenage retreats, along with building and installation requirements, visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs. Matt’s Homes has competitive prices, along with offering a full start to finish service or will provide granny flats and teenage retreats in kit form for those that are into DIY. You can drop in store to Bayswater and view their display or phone 1300 62 88 77.


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