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Why We Love Wooden Dog Kennels

If you are looking for a new home for your furry best friend, then you would most surely want to be buying a timber home that is built to last. Buying a cheap pet home can save you money upfront, but in the long run be more costly. One customer I knew came in to our store exasperated. She was there to buy a wooden dog kennel as her two dogs had ripped to shreds the last ones she bought that were cheaply made! She finally decided to pay that bit extra with the assurance that it was quality built with Australian timber. This is exactly why we love wooden dog kennels.

In the past, you may have noticed that most wooden dog kennels are hard to clean. You have to get on your knees and poke through a tiny door only to find who knows what when you are changing Max’s blanket?  It’s hard to get in the crevices and really clean a kennel out… eventually even your dog gets sick of the smell and mess. This is not so with Matt’s Homes kennels, designed with a removable Colorbond® roof for easy access and cleaning (who would have thunk?!). With small, medium and large sizes available, our wooden dog kennels are generously sized with off-set entrance (according to our research, most dog’s like a grand entrance), large roof overhang (good for the wet weather) and a raised moisture resistant floor. Made with quality built Australian jarrah and non-arsenic treated pine, this is timber that is built to last and withhold the elements and restless woofer.

So if you are looking for the curiously strong wooden dog kennels that are built to last, then visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs. Located Bayswater, you can call us on 1300 62 88 77. Our kennels come flat-packed for easy pick-up and ready to install yourself, or for an additional charge you can opt to purchase a fully assembled kennel. Believe us when we tell you, your dog will wuv you even more.


Introducing the Home Office Workshop Shed

These days working from home is no longer out of the norm. With more and more companies outsourcing workers and many tasks done online, setting up a home office is increasingly common. But rather than work from your bedroom or in a noisy house, why not consider setting up an entirely separate space… in your backyard. Workshop sheds were generally designed for the more serious tradesperson, hobbyist or gardening guru. Because they are bigger than a timber shed, their versatility now suits many different needs and wants, including for those that are looking for a quiet space to work, plan or create.

In this post I am going to profile Matt’s Homes Home Office Workshop Shed. The home office allows a solid amount of natural light to brighten up your space and you have the option to purchase additional windows or skylights to maximise the amount of light that can get in. 

The Home Office is a substantially sized and extremely functional Workshop Shed. Aside from using it as a home office, many customers also turn it into a studio space for creative projects or other purposes they have in mind. There is ample width and space for you to work and store your things, whilst still leaving it nice and roomy. Adding a verandah will of course give you even more space, plus an extra area to hang out before or after work. The verandah can also help transform the look of your workshop shed so it becomes more like a home cottage. Matt’s Homes offers the Home Office at a set size of 3.4m x 5.3m, however we can personalise your Home Office Workshop Shed with our range of optional extras.

Home Office by Matt's Homes

Home Office by Matt’s Homes

Here’s what you get with the Home Office with Verandah.

* Please note building permits are required and can be organised by Matt’s friendly staff.

The Standard Kit at 3400mm (w) x 5300mm (l) Includes:

  • Fully engineered design for building purposes
  • Gable finished roof in a choice of the full Colorbond® range
  • Gutter kit complete with barge flashings and down pipes (not connected to stormwater)
  • 2.4m high walls with 90mm structural F5 studs
  • Steel bracing on both walls and roof
  • 10 degree pitched gable roof with engineered roof trusses
  • 2.1m steel framed timber door with heavy duty lockable handle and Jarrah trimming
  • Beige sliding lockable Aluminium window (900 x 1200mm)
  • Environmentally friendly non-arsenic based Tanalised Ecowood treated pine cladding
  • Built in modular form, quick and easy to install
  • Wall and roof sisolation
  • Moisture resistant yellow tongue flooring, with I span joists
  • Subfloor which includes kiln dried bearers and cypress stumps
  • Includes 1 set of steps with 2 treads, depending on the elevation
  • 2 rows of plinth boards
  • The sub floor constructed for sites up to 300mm out of level
Plus Verandah includes:
  • 1200mm wide verandah with subfloor & decking
  • Kiln dried verandah posts
  • Skillion verandah roof

* Please note prices do not include building or planning permits. Installation prices include roof plumber.

For a full list of optional extras, or to book a site inspection please contact one of our friendly staff at Matt’s. 

* We delivery our kits AUSTRALIA wide – call 1300 62 88 77 for a quote.

Because the workshop shed is bigger than a classic timber shed, it needs to be engineered to meet Australian Standards and Building Codes. All workshop sheds require building permits so make sure your supplier can organise these for you to save time and hassle or allow time to organise this yourself. In addition, you can buy an easy to assemble DIY workshop shed or for an additional fee, organise your supplier to install for you so you can start work straight away.

If you are looking for a quality built timber workshop shed that is engineered to meet Australian Standards and Building Codes, with the added bonus of a full service being offered from building permits to installations then visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs in Bayswater, Melbourne. All timber workshops within the Matt’s Homes range are designed and constructed to uphold our commitment to style, function, durability and attention  to detail – all at competitive prices. Our attractive timber workshop shed range is available in kit form, with prefab panels making it easy for any handyman to install or alternatively have one of Matt’s registered builders install your workshop for you, leaving you to plaster the workshop if you choose.

*Matt’s Homes are registered builders.

The Perfect Garden and Tool Timber Shed

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your garden tools and equipment, then you need the perfect garden and tool timber shed. In this blog, I am going to profile our neatly sized timber garden shed, sized at 1700mm (w) x 2400mm (l) x 2750mm (h),  with a sub floor. The sub floor accommodates for fall of land up to 400mm and is suggested when you have an un-level site, eliminating the need for site preparation.

This Timber Shed will look charming in your garden and provide quick and easy access to all your garden equipment and tools. It comes with a gable finish cottage green Colorbond® roof with C Channel trim and skylight, moisture resistant timber roof fascias & eaves with decorative finials. The timber is made from environmentally friendly non-arsenic based treated pine, with 1.8m high walls with 45mm dressed pine framing, structural timber door with steel frame and heavy duty lockable handle. Other features include;

  • Moisture resistant yellow tongue flooring with kiln dried treated pine joists
  • Galvanised screws and nails to prevent rusting
  • 70mm x 45mm kiln dried joists
  • 90mm decking base boards
  • Supplied in kit form with easy to follow instructions
  • 140mm x 35mm kiln dried bearers
  • 90mm x 90mm kiln dried stumps
  • 240mm x 45mm sole plates
Matt's Homes Garden and Tool Timber Shed

Matt’s Homes Garden and Tool Timber Shed

Turn your timber shed into a garden feature

Turn your timber shed into a garden feature

Tool Shed 1.7 x 2.4

Tool Shed 1.7 x 2.4









The Jarrah trimming on the doors and full door jambs provide a quality finish, along with the best quality flooring on the market; moisture resistant yellow tongue flooring with kiln dried treated pine joists.  Galvanised screws and nails prevent rusting. If you are handy and one would suspect you might be if you are buying a timber shed, then you can get it supplied in kit form with easy to follow PDF instructions.

If you want to get fancy, you can always add a single step to make it easier to access your timber shed. Or a sliding aluminium lockable window, adding a window allows extra light into your garden shed. Other options include a nice looking verandah with decking so you can sit outside after a hard day’s work and have a quiet one.

For quality timber sheds and for prices visit Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs. They have a huge range and competitive prices and their wooden sheds are built to last.

Inside Tour of a Granny Flat

Granny flats are a fully self contained home extension that is built on the same block of land that you own. By simply fencing off your yard you can separate your granny flat from the existing property, or you can easily just share your backyard. Granny flats range in sizes and designs, from one bedroom to two bedroom through to three bedroom granny flats. Being a fully self contained unit, you can buy granny flats with built in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s and dining rooms.

Every granny flat in the Matt’s Homes range is designed and constructed to uphold our commitment to style, function, durability and attention to detail – all at competitive prices.

Watch our video below for an inside tour of one of our one bedroom Granny Flats.

Australian owned and operated, our Granny Flats are fully engineered and certified to exceed all relevant building codes and we provide a complete product and installation warranty. Our experienced staff provide an obligation and hassle free experience throughout all stages of the process including initial design, council approval, installation, and after sales service. Remember, at Matt’s Homes, your lifestyle is limited only by your imagination.

Visit Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs or call today on 1300 62 88 77 for a obligation free quote.

Storage Timber Shed or Cubby House? You Choose.

If you are looking for a timber shed that not only provides ample storage room, but could be used as a cubby house now for your kids, then check out this video from Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs. Presented by Tom, he take’s viewers on an inside tour of this slightly elevated and large timber shed aka timber cubby house. You can choose whether you want to double up and use it as both or as a cubby house now and timber shed / storage shed later…

The timber cubby house and storage timber shed come in different sizes, ground level through to elevation and are available in DIY kit form or Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs can install for you. Visit Matt’s Homes today for more information or call now on 1300 62 88 77.

Top 5 Tips to Turning Your Timber Shed Into a Garden Feature

Many months ago we posted a blog about turning your timber shed into a garden feature. At Matt’s Homes, we think it is time the timber shed was given more priority. The natural, traditional look and feel of the timber shed allows it to blend in well with its surroundings or simply act as a stand alone feature within the garden. Unfortunately though, some people think of timber sheds as bothersome and so tend to hide them in the corner or end of gardens or under bushes and trees, where they are more prone to rot and wear down.

Once you decide to turn your timber shed into a garden feature, you may want to consider the following top 5 tips:

1. Why you need a shed.

Although this may seem like a silly question, it is worth spending some time thinking about why you need a shed. What are all the things you would like to or could put in it? Answering these questions frankly, allows you to consider the size and functionality of the design that you go with. Though it may be cheaper upfront to get a smaller timber shed, it is better to buy a larger one than to have to replace it later.

2. Where should you put it?

Now that you know why you need a shed, it is time to spend some time in your garden or outdoor area thinking about where you think it should go. You may be wanting to use your timber shed for gardening. The avid gardener will most likely want their shed close to them so they have their tools handy and workspace for pottering. If you are using it purely for storage reasons, perhaps having your shed a little further from the house makes sense.

3. Turning your timber shed into a garden feature.

Some people like to place their timber shed right in the middle of their garden as a focal point. If this interests you, then you may want to consider adding a few extra design features to make your timber shed truly stand out, such as a sliding aluminium lockable window. You could always upgrade to a workshop shed, which is a bigger version of the timber shed and allows you to fit double doors and even add a verandah to sit out on after a hard day’s work. Consider too creating a pathway to your shed with rocks and pebbles and wiring electricity so you can work later hours. The classic look of the timber shed immediately makes it a feature, however where you position it and what you choose to add on can make all the difference.

4. Securing your shed.

The more precious the items you store in your shed, the more you should think about your security options. A good lock to secure your shed will leave you feeling stress free when you go to bed at night or work during the day. Making sure all windows are secured tight and any really expensive tools are stored elsewhere is also vital so that thieves cannot get in. Home and contents insurance may not cover your items stored in your timber shed, so it is best to check this before you lock anything up. Keeping your shed away from overhanging trees is also a good idea to avoid mildew and rotting.

 5. Making sure your ground is level.

Before you choose your timber shed, make sure that the ground you are going to put it on is level. If it isn’t you may require a sub floor which will elevate it so that the timber shed can be placed on it neatly, making sure all doors and windows close properly. If you are unsure you can always speak to one of the friendly staff at Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs.

If you’re looking for classically designed, Australian made timber sheds that are built to last, along with having the added bonus of offering competitive prices, then visit Matt’s Homes or call today on 1300 62 88 77. Our timber sheds come standard with skylights, steel frame door, colorbond roofing and more.

Wooden Garden Shed by Matt's Homes

Wooden Garden Shed by Matt’s Homes

Modern Granny Flat Designs

Granny flats are becoming an increasingly popular choice for families who are wanting to extend their family home. There are many modern granny flat designs on the market and the options are endless from finishings, to flooring, to the paint colours that you choose for the walls. The good news is though that you don’t have to be limited by standard design options on the market. In fact, at Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs you can actually custom design your own granny flat.

If you are looking to downsize, but still live in style and want an easy to maintain, clean and beautifully built new home, then get creative and discuss your ideas with Matt’s Homes. Use our granny flat plans as stimulus for your own ideas and then let us take care of everything for you from build to installation to organising all permits. The other option too (if you are handy), is to buy a granny flat in one of our DIY kit forms and take pleasure in building your own home with pre fabricated designs and materials. Check out our video below to see some of our granny flat designs and put your thinking cap on as your new lifestyle is only limited by your imagination.

If you are looking for a full service reliable company with the added benefit of building granny flats for competitive prices, then check out Matt’s Homes & Outdoor Designs. Located in Bayswater, we have a huge range of one, two and three bedroom granny flats available in kit form and fully self contained. Visit Matt’s Homes or call today on 1300 62 88 77.